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Le Onde Onlus

The association “Le Onde Onlus” operates since 1992 in the field of services addressed to women and children undergoing violence. In 1992 it becomes a non-profit organization. It carries out research activities on the phenomenon, starting up and support of networks and implementation of services against gendered violence. It is recognized by Sicily Region for specific training activities on the topic of violence, starting up of services and development of networks. It operates at a municipal, sopra-municipal, regional, national and transnational level, of its own or with partnerships. It is part of the National Network of Anti-violence Centres. Since 1998 up to now it has coordinated the Antiviolence Network of the city of Palermo. 

Since 1992 so far “Le Onde Onlus” has assured to the city of Palermo ad surroundings the service of “Anti-violence centre for women victim of gendered violence”, which carries out first telephone contacts with women and young women, reception interviews for the construction of a path for going out of domestic and non domestic violence, legal and psychological advice and networking with territorial services. The association also manages two shelters with secret address reserved to women and children victim of violence. Shelters also provide women and children hosted with psychological help, support to parenthood, job placement in collaboration with other agencies operating in the territory. 

Since 2009 up to 2012 “Le Onde Onlus” has been the leader partner of a RTI (Temporary Group of Firms) composed also by LE NOVE srl and Almaviva Contact Spa and has managed the services of technical support to National Anti-violence Network, the Helpline 1522 and the website  HYPERLINK "" on the basis of a project carried out for the call for competitive bids of the Department of Equal Opportunities of the Prime Minister's Office: “Servizio di supporto tecnico-operativo finalizzato al rafforzamento della Rete Nazionale Antiviolenza ed alla gestione del servizio di call center mediante il numero di pubblica utilità 1522 a sostegno delle donne vittime di violenza intra ed extra familiare" (“Service of technical-operating support aimed to the strenghtening of the National Anti-violence Network and to the management of the call centre through the helpline 1522 supporting women victim of domestic and non domestic violence”). 

“Le Onde Onlus” managed as leader partner the project IRIS Intervention sur les violences envers les femmes: recherche et mise en service des guichets specializes - Programma Daphne III Commissione Europea - D.G. Giustizia e Affari interni. The project carried out an action research on violence against Italian and foreign women, related to harmful traditional practises. The project regarded Sicily and Abruzzo, and a Spanish region, Catalonia. With the intervention it has been experimented integrated social-health services in hospitals involved and specific actions in anti-violence centres of involved territories. 


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