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The International Centre for Reproductive Health of Ghent University (ICRH-UGent) is a multidisciplinary centre operating within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Ghent University. The main objective of ICRH is to improve sexual and reproductive health in its broadest sense. ICRH fully adheres to the recognition of reproductive health as a basic human right of all men and women, including children and adolescents, throughout life. Through its research, training, interventions and advocacy, ICRH aims to contribute to the promotion, protection and fulfillment of these rights. Since 2004, ICRH has officially been appointed as a Collaborating Centre of the World Health Organisation. Staff members of ICRH are based in Belgium, Kenya and Mozambique. The services provided by ICRH include: design, planning, development, monitoring and evaluation of sexual and reproductive health programmes and projects; support of sexual and reproductive health initiatives; contribution to policy dialogue; development of European and North / South networks; support of South/South networks; training and supervision of health workers; organisation of courses, seminars, workshops and conferences; operational research; research on policies and legislation; consultancies in the field of sexual and reproductive health for various stakeholders. Since 1997, ICRH has developed an substantial level of expertise in the field of female genital mutilation, and in recent years, has broadened it expertise on harmful (cultural) practices including honour related violence, forced marriages, hymen reconstructions, genital cosmetic surgeries and sexual violence.

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